The “Happy” Coach

Now more than ever, the key to staying healthy is having a great coach.

Your coach at Spearpoint Fitness knows things are hard.  Between the aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the tough economic times, it’s tough to stay happy.  We want to put the “happy” back into your day!  We have the tools here to help you.

1. Accountability—Your coach will help you stay on track with your regular workouts, and through regular communication we’ll remind you to keep coming back.  We’ll also remind you to drink plenty of water and avoid binging junk food.

2. Personalization—There are millions of workout options available online and in gyms everywhere. Your coach here will help you find your needs and work specifically on them.  Even within our group classes your coach can help you adjust to what you need to focus on.

3. Flexibility—Our lives are busy!  Your coach can help you make adjustments and work with you to stay on track when the world throws kinks into your life.

4. Help with new habits and a healthy mindset—You might be sleeping in, wearing pajamas all day, eating a jar of Nutella and just feeling sorry for yourself. Your coach will help you build structure into your days at home by helping you set and stick to a training schedule, develop healthier habits, and help focus on mindset. We’ll be calling and checking in on you regularly to help establish these new habits for a healthy lifestyle.

5. Social connection—We are social beings, and being happy means staying connected! Along with regular CrossFit classes, we also do events together inside and outside of the gym.  We saw during the pandemic that digital communication is not enough, and we need real interaction to stay happy and healthy!

Need our help?  We can get you started on this path by clicking the Free Intro button!  Once you request the free intro session, we’ll contact you to set it up.  At this session we will plan out your fitness journey and help you get “Happy”!

Inspiration provided by Catalyst Fitness.