Almost the end of the year, don’t give up

We are winding down the end of the year. Holiday parties are in full swing, school is almost out and we’re starting to get a little lax in our fitness and nutrition.

“Eh, we’ll just pick it up strong in January…”

Stop right there!

While sure January does bring renewed vigor and we will capitalize on that in a few weeks. We have a golden opportunity right now to build some habits that will help us crush the next year!

Look at the next few weeks as an opportunity to learn how to adapt to issues that come up and how you can handle them.

Holiday Parties

Fun times with friends, family, and co workers don’t get to happen as often as we would like. We should certainly take every opportunity we can to spend time with loved ones. You can spend this quality time, but also maintain your nutrition goals as well.

Avoid eating too much by pre gaming with healthier foods. That way you won’t be hungry going into the party and you’ll be able to refrain from too much unhealthy snacks and food at the party. Also, you could be “that guy” that brings healthy options to the party. Yeah, you might get some grief, but you never know who could follow your lead and start making better choices themselves!

Alcohol will also flow like the Mississippi over the next few weeks. You can make your own choices as to participate or abstain. If you choose to consume alcohol, at least hydrate along the way (water and not light beer…) Hydration will help your body process and clear out the alcohol and recover better. It can also help reduce your consumption. Again, eating a healthy meal prior will also help keep you from overindulging.

Schedule changes

Your routine will most likely go haywire over the next few weeks. You may not be able to get into the gym when you normally like to or you may not even be in the same state as your gym!

You can use this time to pick up new workout options that fit your funky schedule. If you are too far away from your gym, you might be able to find somewhere to drop in for something quick. One thing to bear in mind during this time is that we may not be able to maintain our current training regimen. However, we can maintain our consistency. You can continue to be a person that is consistent even if it isn’t the ideal workout. Just make sure that you are doing an intentional workout. If you play with the kids for an hour, don’t write that off as your workout of the day. Keep an intentional workout.


Fast food is too easy while you’re on the road. I am pretty bad about wanting to “make good time” while on the road. Stopping to eat somewhere with healthier options usually takes up more time than I’m willing to give. We’ve worked around this by packing healthier snacks and sometimes even meals to eat on the way (bonus is you save even more time by not having to stop at all!)

These are just a few ways you can stay on track this season, and build in new habits into your life that will help you navigate the year to come. The end of the year is not the time to stop altogether and give into temptation. You’ve made it this far, finish strong!

If your situation is more unique or if you have questions feel free to reach out!

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