How can you avoid skipping workouts?

We’ve all been there more often than not.

You don’t want to go to the gym…

You don’t want to get out and go for a run…

You’re too tired, and you stayed out too late the night before…

You don’t have time and you’re going to cut it close to get somewhere so, just skip today.

Well, today turns into tomorrow, and the next day. The next thing you know, you’ve missed a week and you’re off track. It’s tough to maintain a rhythm of consistency, and life can really throw curveballs to keep you from being consistent. Without consistent work, we will not see the results we want fast enough and we’ll get discouraged.

Here are three simple solutions to keep you on track!

First, and this is the hardest.

Suck it up and go. More often, when I feel like crap, I will feel way better after getting a workout in. Even if it’s garbage and I didn’t hit the goal i wanted for the workout, I still feel better. If you’re actually sick then you should actually get some rest and take the day off. Also, overtraining is a thing, but you can still go in and do the workout with reduced intensity.

Soreness often makes us feel like we can’t do a workout, but movement will help us recover from that soreness. Mild injuries, if treated properly will benefit from movement. A good PT can help you outline what you need to recover from these kinds of injuries. (We know a guy)

The bottom line is, the days we don’t want to go are the most important days we should go. So suck it up.

Second, if you’re time crunched, cut the workout short.

I’ve been here more often than not. When I was training for Ironman Texas, I had several days where I would have to squeeze in an hour or more on the bike trainer, but only had 45 minutes available. I keyed in on the primary part of the session, and focused on getting that done. It’s not perfect, but it helped me maintain consistency.

Do not go into a workout thinking you’ve got a time crunch and you need to cut it short, then you cut it short, then you spend 15 minutes chatting or playing on your phone. Work until the last possible second. If your training partners are willing to put all your gear away to help you finish the workout, then take them up on that!!

At least, get in a short workout so you keep the consistency up. We are creatures of habit. The more we work at a positive habit, the harder it becomes to break that habit!!

Third, lean on your training partners and coaches for accountability.

The best training season of my triathlon career was when I was working with my TriDot coach, Ryan. I didn’t need him constantly texting or calling me to make my workouts. I just new I was going to have to answer if I didn’t. I’d better have something better than a really lame excuse.

The other day with a running group, we were a person short and were teetering on the edge of not going at all. We decided to knock it out and still had a great run! We were all very grateful that we did too!

We are tribal animals, and using that community will help us all stick to what we need to get done!

Life hits us all, and sure we’re going to miss workouts. If we can reduce the number of workouts that we miss, we can see the results we want faster. Hopefully this helps, and if you’d like to come in and chat just schedule an intro!